1. Tozahn
    a condition, detail, part, or attribute, with respect to time, place, manner,agent, etc., that accompanies, determines, or modifies a fact or event; a modifying or influencing factor: Do not judge his behavior without considering every circumstance.
  2. Bragrel
    Circumstance definition is - a condition, fact, or event accompanying, conditioning, or determining another: an essential or inevitable concomitant. How to use circumstance in .
  3. Kagal
    Define circumstances. circumstances synonyms, circumstances pronunciation, circumstances translation, English dictionary definition of circumstances. n. 1. A condition or fact attending an event and having some bearing on it; a determining or modifying factor: set out a .
  4. Zulukora
    22 synonyms of circumstances from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 63 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for circumstances. Circumstances: a state or end that seemingly has been decided beforehand.
  5. Kigalrajas
    a fact or event that makes a situation the way it is: I think she coped very well under the circumstances. Obviously we can't deal with the problem until we know all the circumstances. She .
  6. Kazrashakar
    Oct 23,  · Circumstances is a full - feature film about a group of impoverished young adults who believe that the only way out of their situations are through the illicit trades of human trafficking, prostitution, thievery, and drug dealing. A story that's all too common in urban cities across America/10(10).
  7. Salrajas
    Synonyms for circumstances at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for circumstances.
  8. Dam
    CIRCUMSTANCES, evidence. The particulars which accompany a fact. 2.
  9. Samumi
    A circumstance is the condition in which something happens. Say you were at a business luncheon and you were accidentally fed psychedelic mushrooms in your ravioli, your boss might excuse the weird things you said, given the circumstance. Circumstance comes from the Latin meaning the conditions around something.

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