1. Faejin
    Comatose definition is - of, resembling, or affected with coma. How to use comatose in a sentence.
  2. Sale
    Comatose Ariel Sharon moved home Germany's Federal Court of Justice issued a ruling on June 25, , overturning the conviction of a lawyer who had in advised a woman to stop tube-feeding her comatose .
  3. Vubar
    Comatose definition, affected with or characterized by coma. See more.
  4. Tabei
    Nov 20,  · A coma is a deep state of unconsciousness. It can happen as a result of a traumatic accident, such as a blow to the head, or a medical condition, for Author: Yvette Brazier.
  5. Kejin
    Aug 18,  · Comatose may refer to: Being in a state of a coma, or being unconscious Comatose, a album by Skillet, or the title track "Comatose" (Front Line Assembly song).
  6. Doshicage
    2 days ago · Comatose Russian dissident stable upon arrival in Germany Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, who is in a coma after a suspected poisoning, has arrived in .
  7. Nakinos
    In a battle of wills, dark family secrets come to light, relationships are shattered and the true meaning of love is revealed. And through it all, the comatose mother can hear everything. Plot Summary | Director: Mickey Madoda Dube.
  8. Kajishicage
    EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR COMATOSE The survivors were in two sorts of panic—the comatose, and the madly violent. In a comatose state; but is roused to attention by calling him. Then he cleared them all out, and when they came back Hall was comatose.

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