Poor Boy Blues


  1. Fetaxe
    rows · Watch the video for Poor Boy Blues from Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler's Neck And Neck .
  2. Taulrajas
    Poor Boy Blues Lyrics: My daddy said / ""Son, don't you come to me cryin' / Cause money don't make you a happy man"" / He said the grass is always greener / Any place except where you stand / He said.
  3. Kagazuru
    Poor Boy Blues Lyrics: Poor boy, poor boy, poor boy long ways from home / I was down in Louisiana, doin' as I please / Now I'm in Texas, I've got to work or leave / Poor boy, poor boy, poor boy.
  4. Akinolkis
    Sep 25,  · by David Hartley.
  5. Gurn
    So I'm sittin' on my own here, with these poor boy blues One day, baby, you will see You're gonna give all your love to me I'm the one, babe, that you're gonna choose But in the meantime, I got these poor boy blues Pick it son, pick it nice Things won't always be the same Someday soon, everything will change You'll tell your mama her baby's got.
  6. Yozshugar
    Poor boy blues You don't know how I'm feeling baby Until you're wearing my shoes Sure as I'm standing here I got them poor boy blues Friday night I get tanked up And tossed in the local slam At least I get three square meals Until someone gets me out of this jam In .
  7. Tygoll
    May 02,  · This album was released on October 9, , and the first song which was released as a single was the song “Poor Boy Blues.” Back in , this song won the Grammy Award for the Best Country Vocal Collaboration. “Poor Boy Blues” is written by Paul Kennerley the British singer and songwriter who also had some arrangements and associated acts with Emmylou Harris, country duo .
  8. Nikogami
    Poor Boy Blues Lyrics: Poor boy, poor boy / Poor boy a long way from home / I was down in Louisiana / Just doin' as I please / Now I'm in Texas / I got to work or leave / Poor boy, poor boy / Poor.

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